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    March 3, 2014
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pathways had helped 50 kids presented local employment and educational opportunity for the kids it's been beneficial to work with them and the commitment and the realness i believe what they're doing is helping the community out so you know the 50 kids we started in 2013 and so i just want to say i support them and in full and appreciate what they do for the community. finally my last two point is one i know park and rec could be better >> a ringing enforcement. >> i appreciate all the stuff
you do and my last point i truly, truly support the program and will help anyway, i, born and raised in san francisco i know they for real in helping out the hood. >> thank you. >> (calling names) go ahead. >> good morning . i'm robert pool the project manager for the project review committee. and this project was present to our group and our members enforced it without restoration. we believe that will make a contribution of well designed housing in san francisco. the proposed project revitalizations this car wash in
the neighborhood of the 72 condo 70 percent will be for the protecting. we also like the parking ratio of 20 to one as well as 72 bicycle spaces they've done a great job of reaching out including to friends of franklin square and thank you for the contributions and the proposed financial support from the association is noteworthy. we don't believe the shadows are significant especially the benefits to the community. we strongly support this project >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> good morning, commissioners
and particularly a go morning to one the commissioners commissioner low. i am the founder and vice president of the association of enemy by a we've about that working with the city to help to protect the neighborhood in the northeast mission and we want to our midgets is not only to help the neighborhood but to preserve the pdr businesses that are there. at our last membership meeting no january it was prepared the proposed membership and our membership supported that and member provided strong support and welcomes the additional residents at ground floor retail
pdr, space into the neighborhood. to the outreach with the involvement with the community their commendable and particularly has a dedication to franklin square and a strong commitment to the community we look forward to working with them. thank you >> thank you. >> (calling names). >> hi, i'm aaron i live in the 3 hundred block of utah street i'm in the park every morning as early as 6:00 a.m. no one can dispute new mark has been great. i'm personally in favor of the development at that location,
however, the sunshine ordinance passed by the voters is supposed to dictate how high a building can be and effects the park you're considering something that voters said not 80 have happen in the space. as san francisco is experiencing this development you're going to need more and more of a sense of peace in the city to not feel looir like your 90 in urban choose. having a shadow and wanting to have have a peace of stroll is a violation of my rights. i think you should strongly consider what you're saying is
okay. when san francisco voters have explicitly said we don't want this. thank you >> thank you. >> next speaker >> good morning, commissioners i'm r j with the local plumbers union. thank you for the opportunity. on behalf of brothers and sisters of local 38 i want to voice our strong support for 336 katrero avenue you'll get skilled labor for this project. we trowel appreciate the outreach true mark has done for our union we're excited to see this development create direct and a indirect jobs.
the union strongly supports this and urges you to support this investment to create jobs thank you for your time >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> you live on utah street. >> can i get you to speak into the microphone. >> thank you for listening fritters i want to thank true mark they've attended meetings for the loop project and contributed $6,000 to assist the neighborhood in a landscaper community plan and helped cleans up for franklin square they're trying to be go neighbors and hope they'll continue to be good neighbors after the comedies are
sold. i understand the eastern neighborhood plan rezoned it to an 85 unit, however, i'm not sure they've evaluated the showed effect. yes. the showed will be begun by 8:00 p.m. but between 7 and 10:00 a.m. additionally a large building loomd over the park is not good. the shadow evacuates explicit add the shadowing of the parking lot which actively it's dpw property and no one is considering doing anything with it but there's love development in that neighborhood for the location go more people wanting
to use the park payroll so it's logistical that park will help the neighborhood. it seems to be a good program. the best solution in their opinion would be to reduce the height of the building by two or three steroids and allow true mark to build and allow more residential unit to be available and reduce the shadow on the park. thank you >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello, i live in the neighborhood. a block and a half away from franklin park. there isn't much continuums i
think i'm looking to the commission to look at the height of the building and to look at what the san francisco voters had clearly stated they don't want encroachment and the heights of the this to cast a shadow on the park. and i'm not independence development i'm not against the building i like true mark you agree their very good neighborhoods and will make very good neighborhoods that's a large box it's 9 stories and comes with its own revolver top gasped and we don't know the if i can have those tassels building that come with their own open space you know that is
a very, very special park because it's elevated so the impact of the shadow is even greater. you can stand up there and see all the way out to the bay clearly out to the bay and then on the 4th of july you can see the fireworks it's an existing place and it is a historic park and we want to preserve that part that specialness it has the other thing the park is utilized at night and the lights are on and there's whistle blowing the park is highly utilized. and so, please consider that we need a compromise and we need
you to protect the park and it's not that we don't want the development there we asking for the height to be reduced >> thank you. >> next speaker >> hi, i'm dementia i didn't i'm the vice mayor of the true mark association. we have a clean day and we've been excellent neighbors i'm a brrn. i understand there is a height problem. i want to make sure that the successor giemdz we can go back and forth against the showed and there's a high restriction that high mark is staying within
that's been accepted by the city and suddenly that at all itself building becomes the shortest building i don't think they're having the proper income level and if we reduce the floors it will be hard to meet the requirement. i'm fully way the views are not protected an unfortunate part of san francisco but they're great neighbors the hoas protect the park and it's a safer environment for everyone so i am in support of the project. thank you >> thank you. >> next speaker >> good morning, commissioners i'm ken from the eastern neighborhood i live one block away from the park and i opposed the height of this project.
there's that nothing posted will this meeting and nothing posted will this park right away right now how do you expect to have public involvement without notification. in 11984, the shadow was approved and added to the cities constitution when recycles shadow. this was gained by city of san francisco no building permit authorizing the construction of any structure that casts any shade or shadow under the urination or acquisition of the pointing may be allowed under the jurisdiction by the
recreation and parks department. only after the hour after sunrise or sunset. appendix 12 of the constitution our cities charter adapted in 19868 an ordinance that adapts be it or in added. the master plan shall be sunbathed and capable statement of policies for so far o san francisco the following policies shall be included in the preamble and which inconsistently will be resolved and they're assessing access to sunlight and voifs will be protected i'm asking you to
protect our space from development. my remaining time this will personally effect me, you can't cut you tell through the soccer field so every morning i'm going to be passing through this area just lower the building so side shadows one way or the other won't be cast. and people can get there earlier and they're to be doing that under the impacts of the shadows. and the views will be lost so i please ask you to be the proper custodians and protect our environment
>> thank you. >> next speaker >> good morning. i'm from the local 22. i represent 32 thousand men and women in california but more importantly i represent local 22 in and the 31 house members it entails and the families. on behalf of my brothers and sisters with the carpenters local 22 withhold to voice our strong support for this proposed use residential at the 336 katrero. we're excited to be partnering with true marble a developer who's taken extra steps to build strong relationships normally we have a drag and kick and partner
the developer they kick my scream but truly they've taken the lead they came to us they knew in order to gain support they do this do what's right for the entire city of san francisco and it's residents. again, our local strongly supports the 0 project and we urge you to support the investment to create jobs and to add the development the city needs. thank you >> next speaker >> good morning, commissioners. my name is anthony i'm with the sheet melt workings. on behalf of sheet melt workers we're excited about this this
going on. so this development will roach blight my produce housing concluding on site affordable units to union square. true mark urban we've partnered with them you heard rudy speak a half an hour ago about the programs called selma we've actually had the lecturer of speaking to the children of the trades that's important in san francisco. true mark is one of the developers they want to do right by the company and to the community and, you know, pay local hire and just a good wage form our workers to flourish and
to be able to live in the city. i want to say we our local strongly supports this project. >> thank you. >> next speaker >> good morning, commissioners my name is kim diamond i'm true marks director thank you for the opportunity we're happy to be here and appreciate all the hard work you and your staff has done. for the past two years we've been talking to our merchant and neighbors and walking the streets day to day to let people know about our development and their concerns. we've have you numerous one-on-one meetings resulting in e-mails and letters of support.
we're happy to see franklin surveys letter of support. as we mentions at the capital committee true mark has made the following candle sticks commitments true mark has organized two clean up the park days and working alongside the friends who in the future organize clears up for the next two years true mark has attributed $10,000 and a committed $41,000 for other projects working in conjunction with the square and feinstein to make sure there's an ongoing source of fund for the park we will increase the hoa dues for our future homeowners this is a
total of $13,000 in year one and one hundred 45 in year 10 and more in year 50 pr we tolerated a long relationship with the recreation and parks department and i want to take more time to address some of the things i've heard from the speakers. the building is actually set back from franklin square by not only the dpw property but by the buddhist center parking lot we've met with the buddhist center next to the park their supportive of our pject thank you very much >> thank you. >> next speaker >> good morning, commissioners jeffrey. i spoke at the previous meeting
so i have a little understanding one of my favorite restaurants is kitty-corner to the park. i've been involved in planning issues around parks with developers they come to us and they show us drawings and republican decisions and those get approved with our support important one of the loops by a truck is the mechanic pin houses that don't show up open the drawings i want to make sure that the staff has looked at this because mysteriesly all of a sudden there's a 15 foot editions to accommodate the elevators i want to make sure that this has been taken into account on the showed study and that's the only issue i see other than that the developer is
bending over baushldz essentially to make sure this is going to be a good project and a needed will project in san francisco it creates affordable housing and that's important but keep in mind when the developers come before you you want to know what it's going to look like this 15 feet that's added >> anyone else who wants to make any public comment on this item seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioner low. >> i want to have stacey come back. stacey looking at our very narrow jurisdiction of the new shadow casts on franklin square i have heard about the public
vista we didn't let me backtrack the dpw property is not dedicated for acquisition we have to take into account >> that's right. >> we are solely looking at the the new shadow that's within the one percent; correct. so the building as planned will not require us to - the quantitative active analysis the size of the showed and the denomination of the shadow doesn't seem to have a significant effect open park yourselves that's correct? >> that's our analysis of it. >> and does that have you
looked at the vegetation in that park and any negative effects on the vegetation or landscaping in that park. we haven't analyzed it but there's grass and trees and the alleged shadow will leave between 8:30 and 10 that showed won't have an impact on the sin hitting the vegetation. does that make sense >> yes. it does. >> seeing no other comments i appreciate the comments that commissioner low made. when we look at it and see a zero 3.1 is percent impact and you consider that almost everyday you read from the frontage page of the newspapers the need of the housing in san francisco those balancing acts
have to be made and i think the developer has made every effort to try and accommodate the neighbors and the situation so i would urge commissioners to support this and would entertain a motion >> i would like to move to recommend this to the planning commission that there is the new shadow and i select the word new shadow and not net but will not cause a negative effect on franklin square and our our planning code. >> all in favor, say i. so moved. we're on south park renovation project number 9.
>> i get to say good morning. i'm mary the project manager for the recreation and parks department capital division this is on a approval for the renovation of south park. the item includes four actions. the first action is approval of the conceptual plan for the park and the second is approval to enter into agreement with the
san francisco parks alliance for the joint parking and renovation of the south park and the third item is approval of a donor raised by spc a and finally that the board of supervisors accept the grant for the project. a little bit of background on the south park it's located in the northeast quadrant of district 6 a small park of 34 thousand square feet oval in shape and the oldest in san francisco. it was constructed in 1954 and is an example of the first
planned open spaces. it's imitate in its environment and cycle circle by mature trees it has two large lawn areas for entrances at each correspond for small children's backgrounds. about 0 thirty years ago a group of community members and burns 0 got together and the groups purpose is to sturdy the park. the group approached the recreation and parks department in 2012 to enter into a private-public 16 implement a renovation of the